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This lowpoly stylized character is ideal to build your game and has options and styles to customize the character the way you want.


This character is extremely light and can be used in both pc and mobile games. All models share a single texture file, allowing you to customize the colors according to your needs just by duplicanting materials and adjusting the material offset.


-Diffuse/Albedo: 256px (.png)

-Additional Diffuse/Albedo: 1024px (.png)


⚠*Many models have primary, secondary and even tertiary material slots, check the <Materials> option in the [ Inspector > Skinned Mesh Renderer ] to add multiple materials and customize colors to fit your needs.


✓ Models list / Polycount:

- armor | 948 Tris
- beard | 168 Tris
- body | 320 Tris
- helmet | 388 Tris
- leg armor | 400 Tris
- pants | 132 Tris
- shoulder armor | 400 Tris
- sword | 680 Tris


✘ Blendshapes

⚠*This model has no blendshapes included.


✘ Animations

⚠*This model has no animations included.

*This model have a Humanoid rig (Rigged/Skinned and Mecanim ready)
⚠*Remember to adjust <Muscle & Settings> in the model´s [Rig > Configure] to adjust overlapping and clipping depending of your source animations.

✓ Modular Design

This character is designed to be modular, making it easy to create a variety of combinations, allowing you to create unique characters and scenes.

Each asset has been carefully crafted to add a unique touch to your game project!

Lowpoly Knight

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  • - 3D Models: .fbx

    - Textures: .png

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