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  • Can I use these assets for commecial games?
    Yes, you can use these assets for your commercial compiled game.
  • Do you do paid contract/custom work?
    Yes I do, but get in touch to know more info. Maybe I´ll not be able to accept commissions depending on my demand of current projects.
  • Do the asset packs include animations?
    We have some assets packs that include animations. However, most of our assets do not include animations but most of the models have a Humanoid rig (Rigged/Skinned and Mecanim ready) and mocap compatible.
  • Can I edit the assets?
    Yes you can edit these assets using any 3D applications (Blender, Maya, 3DMax, etc). However it is prohibited to resell these edited assets.
  • What application you use to create the assets?
    I use Blender for 3D modelling and Photoshop for textures.
  • Can I sell 2D renders of your assets?
    It is prohibited to resell our assets rendered as .png files as this competes with our business model.
  • Can I get refund?
    Due to the nature of digital products, we generally can’t offer refunds. Please contact us if you have an issue with a product.


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